York Mosque & Islamic Centre

Weekly Activities

Children's Madrassah


5:30 PM to 7:30 PM


10:30 AM to Zuhr.

Registration required.


Toddlers' Group

Wednesdays 10 AM to 1 PM in the Old Mosque Building

Brothers' Social Halaqah

Thursday after Maghrib Prayer.


Jummah Prayer

Khutbah begins at 1:30 PM.

Car Park closes at 1:30 PM, unless already full. Alternative parking can be found at Lidl (2hr max).

Brothers' Qur'an Halaqah

From Maghrib until Isha.


Youth Club

After Zuhr, at Variable Times.

Contact Ustadh Muhammad Douba for details.

Scouts Group

After Zuhr Prayer until 4PM

Open for trial sessions, registration required thereafter.


GCSE & A-Level Tutoring

From 10:30 AM to Zuhr.
Subjects taught: Maths & Sciences


Sisters' Qur'an Halaqah

Sundays from 3 PM (ONLINE).

Please email for more information.

Sunday Study Circle

After Zuhr Prayer.

SPORTS (Brothers)

Monday: Football

8 to 9 PM at York Sports Village

Thursday: Badminton

8 PM at York Railway Institute

Note: Cost of all sports varies based on number of attendees. Times liable to change on the day.