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Latest Announcements:

** New advertisement on the website, please visit advertisement section **
** Prayer timetable for March 2015 is available to download **
** Jummah khutbah starts at: 12:40 pm **
** Children’s Madrassah’s new timings; every Sat, Sun from 10.30am to Dhuhr. And Mon, Tues 5:30 to 7:30 pm **
* *Standing Order form available to setup regular monthly payments for New Building Project, (see below) * *
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Invitation to Join YORK500

What is the YORK500?
The YORK500 aims to provide vital funds for the building and completion of the New Mosque for York. This can be achieved,insha'Allah, by many individuals (500+) each helping with small, regular, manageable contributions. Please help us by sharing this unique opportunity.

Benefits of joining YORK500

  • Help fund the building and completion of the first purpose-built Mosque in York
  • Earn sadaqah jariyah (continuous charity)
  • Your children and the future community in York will benefit from your generous assistance
  • Invest towards the building of your own house in Jannah
  • "The most loved (or beloved) act to Allah is the one that is performed regularly, even if it is little (or small)" (Bukhari)

How to join YORK500

  • Simply make regular donations (e.g. £10 per month) by standing order
  • We and/or your bank will help you set this up or you could do it directly via online banking
  • If you to set up your donation via online banking please send us your contact information to enable us to send your regular updates
  • The duration can be for as long or short as you like but ideally for at least four years
New Building Brochure


Fundraising for New Building

Payment types accepted

Click the button above to donate


max 3 x £10 donations per day


small-buildingNew Building's Drawings

New Building's draft plans & drawings are now available to view. Please click here to view.

York Mosque - New Building

model_small By the grace of Almighty Allah (SWT) we have been gained planning permission to construct a new purpose built mosque with an increased capacity accommodating up to 600 worshippers and to provide additional facilities for the Mosque and wider York Community. Read more...

Fundraising for new Mosque

fundbanner A total of £1.5 million. Our target is to raise £500k in first year, InshaAllah. Please click here for more information.

Mosque Events & Activities

eventspicboard-small The mosque holds annual events and invites non-Muslims to these events so that the true message of Islam can be disseminated. The new Mosque and Islamic Centre will also provide ongoing facilities for mothers, young children and ladies’ study circles. The children’s school and adult learning classes will be maintained. Read more...