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A Rush To Success

The Countdown To The Channel S TV Appeal

A Rush To Success


19th May 2013:  

The Mosque Committee gets the opportunity to do a TV appeal on Bangla TV in Ramadhan and decides to take it.

16th June:  

There is a surprise cancellation of a TV slot on Channel S in Ramadhan on 25th July.  York Mosque has been given 1st refusal but has a few hours to decide.  The Committee convenes an emergency meeting and decides this is too good an opportunity to miss – Channel S has a larger audience then Bangla TV and therefore greater exposure.

21st June: 

A TV crew arrives to make a documentary about York Mosque for airing during the appeal.

23rd June: 

An Associate Members meeting is held in which there was a long, intense debate about the appeal.  There were major reservations by some but in the end there was a full agreement by all to unite behind the appeal and make every effort to make it a success.  There are now only 31 days left to do all the preparation – preparation that by all accounts needs a year!

The 31 days: 

The pressure is on!  Alhamdulillah volunteers are quick to come forward.  Brothers work tirelessly – fact finding visits to the studio, preparation of promotional material, announcements near and far – spreading the message and getting commitments from family, friends and hopefully further afield.  Other fund raising events continue.

25th July: 

The day arrives!  Ismail has spent most of the night on last minute preparations and scheduling.  Sheikh Zubair phone in sick – the scheduling needs redoing!  The coach is loaded with everthing we can think of (including a fridge) and we are off at around 10:20.

We arrive at the studios at around 15:15 – less than 2 hours to the appeal.  We unload and pray and get a run down on what will happen next.  There is a quick run-through of the procedure for the call centre – this is something new for most of the brothers and not easy to grasp but there is little time to practice.

The show must go on!  16:50 arrives and the 1st panel needs to be at the studio.  We are seated and microphones are fitted.  The presenter talks to us to get the background to the appeal.  The lights are hot and there is no air conditioning.  Throats are dry – fasting or nerves?  Then, suddenly, we are off.  The slot is mainly to provide the background to the appeal and goes well (I think).  The 22 min allowed for our slot slides past and it is nearly 6:00 pm before we are finished.  Ismail’s scheduling needs redoing!  It is a quiet time for donations but we are told that that is expected.  More brothers are lined up for the hot seats, then the children – mashaAllah what a great job they did,  then more brothers.  Everyone performs well mashaallah.

Donations start to flood in, then suddenly nothing.  An eagle-eyed brother notices that the number for the donation line is wrong!  Panic!  This was soon fixed and we are back on track.  £10,000,  £20000 …… – the total was moving steadily higher.  A donation of £25,000 and we are beginning to get to a target beyond our highest expectations.  Finally, after an exhausting day,  the TV appeal finishes at just after 3:30am.

Alhamdulillah we have raised over £145,000  – a figure that increased later to £153,000. Alhamdulillah it shows what we can accomplish when we unite and act together for the sake of Allah (swt) and for the best interests of York Mosque and our community.

Jazaakumallahu khairan to all who donated, phoned in and who gave their time and effort to make this appeal a success. 

May Allah (swt) reward you all in this life and the next and answer your duas.