York Mosque & Islamic Centre


Our struggle so far

A total of £1.5 million is required for completion of the building project. Fund raising is well underway and Alhamdolillah, around £380,000 has been raised, mostly with the help of local community. We had a very successful TV appeal in Ramadhan this year, where we by the Grace of Allah, successfully raised over £140,000. We are thankful to our brothers and sisters of York and outside York who have been donating generously, may Allah reward them with better (Ameen).

So here we are, we still have a big part of required cost to raise. Therefore, our request to our Muslim brothers and sisters, non Muslim friends and supporters both nationally and internationally is to help us achieve our target in this virtuous project.

Allah SWT in his infinite wisdom places each and everyone of us in different circumstances in order to see which of us have the best actions and he will reward us for our intentions. The lesson from this is not how much we donate in monetary terms or effort, but how much personal sacrifice we make from what has been given to us.

For more information on New Building Plans, please click here.

There are many ways to donate: cheque, bank transfer, credit/debit card or by post. All details can be found on ‘Donation Page’.