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1) The Management Team are pleased to announce that Eid jamaat will be at 9.30am this Sunday 11th August sharp Please ensure that you arrive in good time to ensure that we start on time.

2) Please car share, walk, park where you legally can in neighbouring streets without causing inconvenience, travel by bicycle or bus wherever possible. Cars with just the driver will be turned away and requested to park elsewhere. Please keep the disabled access clear at all times and avoid dropping off outside the old mosque as it will result in unnecessary congestion. Please help and respect the car parking attendants by parking where requested.

3) Please avoid bringing any prams or buggies into the hallways as this poses a potential health and safety risk. Either leave buggies in your cars or leave underneath the gazebos behind the old mosque

4) The collection for mosque funds will begin before Eid prayer begins. Please donate generously

5) Arrangements will be made for all ladies and accompanying children to pray upstairs. Anyone requiring assistance please ask Sheikh Abid or a member of the management team. Alhamdulillah the lift is fully functional.

6) Brothers and accompanying children will pray downstairs in the main prayer hall and Sister prayer room. Additional space for Brothers will be provided upstairs for the 4 or 5 front rows. There will be a partition upstairs to separate the men, children and Sisters. The TV screen will be visible to all.

7) Set up for the children’s party will begin after salah. Activities will be provided upstairs in the new mosque for all girls and boys under 9 whilst the party is being set up. No food or drink will be allowed in the new mosque.

8) the new mosque will be closed at 10.30am when the children’s party is expected to begin.

9) Activities, food and drink will be available around the old mosque.

We pray that Allah swt accepts the duas and sacrifices of each and every one of us. In addition please pray that it doesn’t rain on Eid day 😊

Any questions, or anything we may have not covered, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Management Team.

With sincere duas for you and your families

York Mosque Management Team

Crescent Moon Watch (Fri 2nd Aug 2019)

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