York Mosque & Islamic Centre

Family Story Time

Family Story Time

Saturday 11 August 2018 2pm
at York Mosque and Islamic Centre



Stories from the Qur’an told in true storytelling fashion
Taught by Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar and Sheikh Asim Khan.

Bonus: Free Snacks, Ice Cream and Candy floss (insha’Allah!)

Family Story Time lets your imagination travel back in time to epic moments in history which changed the outlook of the world forever! Experience these gems of history that showcased characteristics which inspired generations that came after.

All is set for a truly inspirational and entertaining night for the entire family. Discover benefits from stories from the life of Ibrahim (as) delivered in a unique, captivating and storytelling fashion. The evening will consist many inspiring stories delivered in true storytelling fashion coupled with mesmerizing onstage Quran Recitation.

Stories are tailored to be engaging for the entire family with complimentary snacks.

Join us and sit back, relax and enjoy an evening of beneficial entertainment for the entire family.

There will also be a chance to support the good work of Human Aid (1138111) in Syria. Contributions for a total of 100 specialist ambulances 🚑 will be raised in the middle of the workshop insha’Allah.

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