York Mosque & Islamic Centre

York Mosque Eid Arrangement

York Mosque Eid Arrangement


As salamu alaikum
Dear Brothers and Sisters


1) Eid salah time:
In shaa Allah we will aim to have one jamaat only.
If Eid is on Sunday, jamaat will be 9.00AM
If Eid is on Monday, jamaat time will be 8.30AM

As this will be one of the busiest days of the year, please car share, walk or use public transport. Please allow plenty of time arriving and leaving the mosque.


2) Between 4pm and 7pm, the new mosque will be available for families wishing to celebrate Eid with friends.
Please bring a plate of food to share as no food or drink will be provided.
Please note, children must be supervised by their parents at all times.
Please take your plates and any unfinished food with you when you are ready to leave.We will also appreciate any and all help tidying up.
Note that separate areas will be designated for Sisters, Brothers and families.


May Allah swt accept your duas and sacrifices, aameen

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