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YMIC Open Day Thank You Note

Thank You for Your Visit

Dear Friends

As salamu alaikum (Peace be with you).


What a beautiful and heart-warming experience our ‘Visit my Mosque’ open day yesterday turned out to be! On behalf of the congregation of York Mosque we would like to express deep and sincere gratitude to each and every person who made it possible. From the volunteers who worked tirelessly in preparation, to the brothers and sisters who helped out on the day with various tasks – but most important of all, to our neighbours and friends from York and beyond who honoured us by accepting the invitation. We are truly humbled.

We were overwhelmed by how many  (estimates over 700 people) took part in the tours of the new mosque,  our presentations as well as sharing thoughts over a good old cup of tea and biscuits.

We hope that you enjoyed the experience as much ch as we  did! We pray to God the Most Generous that our friendship continues to grow. Please spread your experience amongst your friends and feel free to post any photos or comments on our Facebook page.

We thank you all once again and look forward to welcoming you to many more of our open days.

With Peace and Blessings


York Mosque and Islamic Centre


YMIC Open Day


Posted in announcements on February 7, 2017.