York Mosque & Islamic Centre

Fundraising Appeal


TUESDAY 14TH JUNE (from 5pm)

Channel S, SKY 814



As salamu alaikum,

Dear Brothers and Sisters. Alhamdulillah phase 1 of the new mosque project has been successfully completed at a cost of £850,000. There is still a significant amount of work remaining to complete the £1.5M project.


This year’s TV appeal aims to raise funds towards the Brothers and Sisters wudhu areas (including disabled facilities). There will be opportunities to sponsor wudhu seats, body wash area as well as other key items. Prices will be announced shortly.


Please circulate the poster to all your contacts and continue to increase your sadaqah jariyah by tuning in and supporting this great cause.


JazakAllah khayran.



Posted in announcements on June 9, 2016.