York Mosque & Islamic Centre

One Jumuah Prayer at New Mosque

One Jumuah Jamaat at New Mosque from 27 May 2016

As salamu alaikum.

Dear Brothers and Sisters.


Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah this is a reminder we will be praying our first jumuah as one jamaat TODAY, Friday 27th May at 1.30pm. In shaa Allah if we have sufficient capacity we will continue the one jamaat system until further notice.


In the meantime, please remember that car parking will be limited for at least the next two to three months. Priority for on site parking will be given to the elderly and disabled. Therefore please continue to park responsibly in the surrounding streets, walk, cycle, car share, use the park and ride facilities or public transport. Any large vehicles carrying only one passenger will be turned away.


Please note there will be no wudhu or toilet facilities in the new mosque so please perform ablutions at home. The existing masjid in front of the new mosque will be available for anyone who may need washroom facilities. Please do not attempt to access areas which be clearly marked as restricted areas. As always, children must be accompanied by their parents who will take full responsibility for their safety.


Finally, please pay attention to all announcements and notices to ensure a safe and pleasant ENVIRONMENT.



Jazakum Allahu khayran for your ongoing cooperation.
The Management Team
York Mosque and Islamic Centre

Posted in Friday prayer on May 21, 2016.