York Mosque & Islamic Centre

York Mosque’s First Head Boy and Head Girl

York Mosque’s First Head Boy and Head Girl

Following a well contested election on Saturday 12th December, we are pleased to announce that the first Head Boy and Head Girl for York Mosque are Mohamed Sameh Danina and Khadija Ahmed Khaleel.

We were delighted by the number of boys and girls that participated and were able to give presentations as to why they should be elected.

Their duties and responsibilities include:

  • Assisting teachers with registration
  • Voice any concerns/requests to the class teacher
  • Assisting staff to ensure tidiness and good behavior
  • Form and lead teams to assist in events held at the Mosque including talks, open days and Ramadhan
  • Create, develop and lead initiatives helping members of our community who are in need, e.g. flood victims, food banks, refugees,etc

To ensure fair play, the period of each Head Boy/Head Girl appointment is 3 months with a maximum of 2 consecutive terms per pupil. Therefore the next assembly for elections will be in March 2016 with new appointees commencing April 2016.

The elections were part of any assembly where Laila presented a Nasheed and Zarin talked about the two most important sources of water in Islam.  Certificates were also awarded for Best Behaved, Most Punctual, Regular Attendance and Most Improved Boys and Girls during the assembly.

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